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Houdini - Expression animation 




The idea of this music driven animation was to learn how to use procedural animation, specifically utilizing Chop node.

I wanted to create a small stage with music driven animated objects and animated light by different frequency of the music which can show believable movement.




I started of by creating a box and cookied out several aligned holes in it. 

Then i created a cylinder and copied it out procedural by connecting a line node and sensing it to attribwrangle asking it to give a width range . After that the attribwrangle node connects to Width refrence which is used in the future for referencing.


Then i connected it to a channel node which is referencing out from a Chop node.



I created a chop node and in that node I referenced in Width reference node using a geometry node, then I brought in a .wav music file and connected to a pitch node to refine the music frequency range and pitch and merged it with referenced Width reference node by a math node. Then I asked the math node to add combine chop which will enable to animate my objects through music frequency.



I added different spot lights and animated its intensity and the motion by the frequency of the music and sync it with the animation of the objects using expressions. 

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